AussieKitten's Art Commissions

Here are the prices and terms of service for AussieKitten's Art Commissions. Feel free to have a look if you're interested!Please note all prices are in USD (When the square invoice is sent to you it'll be in AUD (my native currency) BUT you'll be charged the correct amount in USD).

Prices Starting at


Flatcoloured $40 USD | Shaded $45 USD


Flatcoloured $40 USD | Shaded $45 USD


Flatcoloured $50 USD | Shaded $55 USD


Flatcoloured $60 USD | Shaded $65 USD

Emotes/ Stickers

1 Emote/ sticker $20 USD each
3 Emotes/ stickers $60 USD
5 Emotes/ stickers $100 USD
Shading is $10 USD extra per emote/ sticker | detailed characters will be extra

Emotes/ stickers can only be done in smaller batches, max being 5 per order. More orders can be made down the track though!


Gremlin $30 USD each
Pop cat $60 USD
Head bop/ jamming $100 USD
Fullbody chibi dance $150 USD
Hype $30 USD
(can be extra for more detailed characters, if a character is overly detailed, I may not be comfortable making a complex animation with them)

Ref sheets

Standard Starting at $85 USD

Deluxe Starting at $120 USD

Extra headshots $40 eachExtra chibis/ outfits $50 USD+ each
(varies on detail)

VTuber model

Bust Vtuber models start at $450 USDExtra toggles varies but blush is $60 USD | gaming arms $120 USD | Drawing arms $150 USD(varies on detail)


Simple Gradient, one colour, wallpaper FREE

Smiple hand-drawn background $5 - $50 USD
(a few items/ simple background)

Highly detailed hand-drawn background $50 -$100 USD+
(Lots of different elements)